Equity trader



We are now looking to bring on an equity trader to join our growing team of traders. Previous experience is notrequired as we offer a specifically developedtraining program. However, any knowledge or experience in trading orinvesting would be a benefit. Best candidates would have a math or finance related background as well as strong self-motivation, profit-driven mindset, team working ability and physical and mental stamina. After successful completion of the training program, candidates will have the opportunity to trade equities on the biggest financial market worldwide with access to the fastest trading platforms.Through the years, we have developed a vast knowledge of the market and passed through some of the most challenging financial situations. Based on our broad experience, we have developed a mentorship program that supports traders and helps them overcome successfully even most difficult financial challenges and achieve great results.


  • Bachelor’s degree or last year college/university students in Finance, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Business, Engineering, Computer science, Software engineering, Economic sciences, Tech
  • Excellent command of English – written and spoken

More information and how to apply here.